TESTIMONIALS: Dr. Shelly Harrell and Soulfulness4Life Services

From Meditation Classes and Retreats:  I never thought that meditation was "for me" so to speak. After attending a workshop guided by Dr. Harrell, I know that it *must* be my daily practice. This morning, I put her techniques into practice and had a really important breakthrough, mentally and emotionally. Mental health is so important and necessary, and I think…

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Soulfulness is… (A Slideshow)

So what is soulfulness anyway? This slideshow presents the multiple dimensions of soulfulness.  Here's the emerging definition: The core of soulfulness is connecting deeply, meaningfully, and authentically with yourself, others and the world around you.  Soulfulness is an enlivened inner attunement that illuminates lived experience and radiates authentically into outer expression. It is a soulful aliveness-- a deeply felt, interconnected,…

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