Saturday Soulfulness: “Breathe” (Song by The Floacist)

Dr. Shelly’s Soulfulness Song ReflectionsBreathing is something that we are doing constantly, but it is usually outside of our awareness. Unless we are having problems with our breathing, it is not something we are typically conscious of doing.  However, breathing is an amazing process of taking in what we need (oxygen), and letting out what we don't need (carbon dioxide). …

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Christmas Soulfulness Music Playlists Available!

Spotify Playlist: Christmas Soulfulness:Musical Gifts for the Soul Check out all of the soulful versions of your favorite Christmas classics!  Over 500 Christmas soul, R&B, and smooth jazz vocals. Multiple versions of familiar songs and great contemporary holiday music too.  The first 100 are here to preview. In the Spotify app, you can "Shuffle Play" and enjoy! It is…

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Wednesday Wisdom SoulQuote: music beyond words

SOULquote: "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." ~Victor Hugo SOULfirmation:"I will listen to music that expresses and heals my soul."(Close your eyes and repeat slowly and silently now.Let the words penetrate your SOUL. Repeat throughout the day.) SOULQuestion:(For Contemplation and Conversation)What songs take you to that soulful place beyond words?

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