This page is where you can find out about our upcoming events and programs.  While Soulfulness4Life is based in Los Angeles, online offerings are available. 

In the Los Angeles area? Attend meditation gatherings, as well as workshops and classes, at the studio space near Centinela and La Brea in northwest Inglewood (close to Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, Ladera Heights). You can also schedule a private class, workshop, or retreat with your own group (family, friends, work, organization, athletic team, performing group, etc.) at the studio or in your own space.

Not in Los Angeles? No problem! Phone sessions, video meetings, or travel to you can be arranged!

Want more personalized attention? You can schedule individual meditation-focused coaching sessions with Dr. Harrell!

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On-The-Ground in Los Angeles 

“A Soulful Introduction to Mindfulness”
An Intensive 4-Week Class Series
Sundays 2:30-4:30pm
March 15th, March 22nd, March 29th, and April 5th




“Soulfulness Meditation Group Gatherings”

2nd Saturdays 12:45-2:00pm
& 3rd Sundays  9:00-10:15am

*Time to sit in meditative, communal “quietude” *  

*Some teaching and tips on meditation processes and strategies, as well as reflections on the meeting theme*

*Guided “Soulitations” (structured meditations to facilitate soul contact and soulful experiencing)*

*Some open time for debriefing, sharing challenges and resources, and supporting each other*

*And of course… some SOULFUL music!*

(Soulfulness Events are held at our studio space in the Los Angeles area- Centinela and La Brea in northwest Inglewood near Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, Ladera Heights)

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Soulfulness is an orientation to meditation and other contemplative practices (like journaling, creative expression, conscious movement, communing with nature, etc.) that centers contact with “soul”, listening to the stirrings and callings of soul, the whisperings of your inner voice of truth and wisdom, and being “energized within” in order to facilitate living fully, deeply, and authentically.

Soulfulness is more formally defined as “the quality of experiencing life in a deeply connected and connecting way, an enlivened inner attunement that illuminates authentic lived experience and radiates into outer expression”.  


The Soulfulness approach to meditation is fundamentally about intrapersonal, interpersonal, and collective emancipation. As a liberated and liberating process, soulfulness meditation involves healing soul wounds and restoring soul connection; discerning truth from the lies of internalized oppression, illusions of the ego, and the stories of the mind; cultivating resilience; nurturing our capacity to feel deeply, connect meaningfully and live authentically; and, ultimately, to rise to our highest potentialities individually, relationally, and communally.

Through contacting, illuminating, and listening to soul-level experiencing, soulfulness meditation cultivates deep multidimensional connectedness to body-mind-heart-soul, other living beings, ancestors, community, humanity, nature, and Spirit.

Soulfulness Meditation Programs focus on:

Listening to Your SOUL
(where you deeply know and feel truth)

Connecting to Your BODY
(to its wisdom and resources for restoration and reconnection)

Freeing Your MIND
(emancipation from mental-emotional bondage and disconnection)

Opening Your HEART
(to the power of real love, relatedness, and community)


Manifesting Your SPIRIT
(the transcendent and inspired energy to actualize your highest self)

Comments from recent workshops: 

“This is EVERYTHING…Soulfulness is what we need!”. ~Tabatha J. 

“Soulfulness4Life is the ‘compass’ that can guide you to who you’re meant to be- your ‘highest self’. ~Victoria M.

“Dr. Harrell is the embodiment of listening to, honoring, and following your truth as well as inspiring a genuine sense of confidence and hope that participants can also engage in this process.” ~K.N. 

“It truly opened the door to my believing I can be successful with meditation for the first time in my life…I have tried meditation and taken educational session on meditation in the past. This is first time anyone has ever started with an explanation of the process and steps beyond a mere description of its many benefits”. ~Tori C.

“Soulfulness4Life helps you to unlock your truest self. The tools and practices are catered to those who want to have meditation and stress management as part of their everyday practice. So relateable and practical.” ~Iyana D.

“I’ve been blessed by this session.” ~Kecia B.

“Life changing workshop! I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to begin meditating and those with years of practice.” ~Cathia B.

“Dr. Harrell provided a very safe space to connect to the “soul”.  The class was very informative, I learned about different meditation strategies to help me become more intentional, mindful, and grounded.” ~Dr Gregory C.

“Sitting together in a circle, I felt safe, respected and connected to my sisters and brothers…I’ve gone to workshops for meditation and attended group and I felt this inclusive to all cultures.” ~Susan AK

“Dr. Harrell is the most ingenious spirit I know who can conduct these workshops from the space of a sincere and tender heartspace.” ~Denise B.

“The techniques I learned will help me transition from stress to peace.” ~Nannette W.

“Sharing space with Dr. Shelly and the group was the sweet flavor I needed to bring in my birthday.” ~Jeannie S.

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