Saturday Soulfulness: “Breathe” (Song by The Floacist)

Dr. Shelly’s Soulfulness Song Reflections
Breathing is something that we are doing constantly, but it is usually outside of our awareness. Unless we are having problems with our breathing, it is not something we are typically conscious of doing.  However, breathing is an amazing process of taking in what we need (oxygen), and letting out what we don’t need (carbon dioxide).  Our body is naturally doing this is every moment!  With each exhale we are letting go, releasing something that does not serve our optimal functioning.  Every breath cycle can be a reminder that in each moment we have the opportunity to open ourselves up to receive and to let go and release. So…just breathe!
With Peace, Love, and Soulfulness, 

Dr. Shelly Harrell

“Breathe” by The Floacist

SOULyrics Spotlight 
You gotta let it go,
Let it go
So you can grow.
You gotta let it go,
Let it go.

~Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart

(For Contemplation and Conversation)
What do you need to breathe out and release?

(Close your eyes and repeat slowly and silently. Let the words penetrate your SOUL.)

The Soulfulness Song Meditation
You can put on your headphones or listen with speakers in open space.  Put the song on repeat.  It is recommended that you start by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths to set your intention on listening deeply and opening yourself to what you may receive. You can do this meditation sitting, laying down, standing, or walking. You can walk a circle or back-and-forth path being intentional about your steps (consider a slow pace connecting to the rhythm of the song). Whether sitting or standing, feel free to integrate rocking/movement/dance!  First just allow the music to be background and come into your breath and body, using the song as a sound anchor to bring you back the the music when your mind wanders (which is natural, normal and expected!). Then tune-in to the song more intentionally and allow yourself to connect to the “vibe” of the song, to the feeling of it. Then focus in on the lyrics, listening for meanings and messages that resonate with you.  It is fine if there are lyrics that you do not relate to, those are for someone else’s experience of the song.  You can simply focus on any lyrics that move you, touch you, or connect with you in some way.  After you have listened to the song a couple of times (or more), you can then bring the SoulQuestion to your consciousness, opening your heart and mind for inquiry, self-reflection, and insights. Finally, you can use the SOULfirmation as a mantra and just repeat it slowly a few times.  Give yourself some silent space for a bit of time to see what emerges and, if you are so inspired, you can journal about your experience.