The ReSOULution Project: A Different Approach to New Year Resolutions

OUT with the Same Old New Year’s Resolutions…
and IN with a Re”SOUL”ution!

“I’m sharing a process that I have been doing myself for years…
so I know how powerful it can be!”
 -Dr. Shelly P. Harrell

Welcome to my “ReSOULution”  Project!  
The project involves making a different type of resolution, one that emerges from and nurtures your SOUL!  Rather than a New Year’s Resolution, think about a “New YOU ReSOULution”.  A “new you” is evolving every single day as you make choices about how to live.  Your “ReSOULution” helps you be intentional about the direction of your personal evolution. 

So, What Is a ReSOULution?
It is basically a word that serves as your “Soul Theme” for the year. It is a word that  provides a focus for your energy and a target of transformational change in your life.  Creating a ReSOULution is a process that I do myself every year. I pick one or two words to serve as my personal life theme for the year. They provide focus, a directional compass, and target areas for growth and transformation.  They are part of my daily meditations and reminders of where I want to direct my attention. I try to embody the energy of the word and let it permeate how I live.  I intentionally look at things through the lens of my “ReSOULution” word and challenge myself to use it to manage different situations.  I can tell you that doing this has made a HUGE difference in my life in so many ways!   Here are a few of my words over the past few years: RELEASE /SURRENDER (2014), FORGIVENESS (2015), GRATITUDE /BLESSINGS (2016), HUMILITY (2017), and COURAGE (2018).

The ReSOULution Process
I have developed a systematic 5-Step process and at the end you will have YOUR ReSOULution Word, your “Soul Theme” for the year. The self-guided  
ReSOULution Workbook takes you through each step.  It is a fillable PDF file that allows you to work with each step which together build to help you create a great ReSOULution Word!  But this is not sufficient.  You need to be able to optimize it so that it can have maximal transformative effects, so that you feel yourself and your life shifting.  The ReSOULution Workbook also includes “Seven Ways to Optimize Your ReSOULution Everyday” to help you use your word successfully and intensify its effects.  There is also a single page worksheet at the end that you can use to summarize and review your steps.  (Preview a FREE EXCERPT of the workbook on the product page HERE, or download it from this website on our Downloadable Resources page.)

Resolutions vs. A ReSOULution
The typical resolutions people make every year (such as “lose weight”,  “manage debt”, “get a new job”) can be setups for failure if they aren’t crafted in the right way and if the necessary supports and conditions are not established. Also, behaviors sometimes don’t change until we make deeper changes; the same things that have always been challenging for us, can remain challenging  year after year. And while behavioral resolutions like these are important, they don’t necessarily transform you at the deepest level of your being… your SOUL.

The “ReSOULution” approach aims to create internal shifts that involve soul-level experiencing, adjust your default mindset, and influence the energy you emanate in the world. With a “Soul Theme” ReSOULution Word, you are working to make transformative change from the inside. Over time, your ReSOULution Word  becomes infused in how you live your life and occupies a more essential position in the core of who you are.  This process can make a real difference in your life!S

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