ENCORE OFFERING! “A Soulful Introduction to Mindfulness” 6-Week Class Beginning Saturday, May 23rd


The first online class series ended May 2nd and I received several requests for another session from interested folks who could not attend.  In addition, I was heartened by the positive feedback from participants!
As a result I will be starting another 6-session class series beginning SATURDAY MAY 23rd at 9:00am PST and continue with the “pay-what-you-can” structure (including free participation). DETAILS BELOW. Please email me if you would like to participate (meditation@soulfulness4life.com).
Here are some excerpts from the evaluations:
It was extremely practical and clarified things that I originally had a basic understanding of in a way that allowed me to dig deeper into my sense of self and personal practice…what was especially helpful is that she would introduce a concept, give you the opportunity to experience it, and then follow up with implications for personal practice (reflective questions and homework).” 
“Excellent course. I got a lot out of it. I found it healing, safe, educative, exploratory and affirming. Thank you. From the U.K. I’ve recommended it to others.”
“Wonderful meditation course that has truly helped me in mind, body, and heart/spirit. I so appreciate the way Dr. Harrell’s teaching has not only better connected me to meditation practices, but linked that practice to living more fully and authentically. She introduced me to simple, but powerful, practices that I’ve been using in my daily life that have helped me better be with my experiences (both the enjoyable and challenging ones) to live my best life. Thank you for this course, and I look forward to the opportunity to be a part of future ones!”
“Dr. Shelly Harrell brings a passion, ingenuity and cultural humility to mindfulness unseen anywhere else. Her approach is unique but it was perfect for me as a newer practitioner and as a young black woman actively trying to develop a grounded meditative practice.Her class was therapeutic in more ways than one.”
“Dr. Harrell is authentic and passes on knowledge in a non authoritarian way, connecting deeply with others and being fully human while sharing her own life experiences to bring teaching elements to life. I appreciated the use of music as it deeply resonated with me as a person and allowed for emotions to arise that otherwise may not have come up.”
“I very much appreciated Dr. Harrell’s expertise in the content and facilitation of exercises. The integration of music was a great addition to the process. I felt part of the community and very much connected to the references, meditations, reflections and exercises. i loved the grounding and resourcing, the RAIN and the calling ancestors and others to the circle of support. Powerful! The whole series had a profound impact on my sense of well-being. I got in touch with parts of self I knew were there but haven’t come in contact with for a while. Thank you so much!! transformative! “
“The Soulfulness4Life class series had meditation styles that I have never experienced before. Other meditations I have tried are about relaxing or helping with anxiety, but this class really emphasized that “soul” element. There were memories, emotions, and strengths that I had, just waiting to be tapped into. I have been looking for ways to improve my conscious contact with something greater than myself, so this class came at the perfect time for me.”
“Dr. Harrell’s maternal energy makes one receptive for the many wisdoms she gifts us. Throughout each session, Dr. Harrell patiently provides a variety of cathartic practices to acknowledge, uplift and release the Soul. After each session, I left feeling spiritually fulfilled, aligned and grateful.”
“Transformative class! A gift to yourself and your loved ones. You will develop tools to sustain your well-being for life.” 
“OUTSTANDING opportunity to take care of oneself. Thank you, Dr. Harrell.”
Please take good care of yourself and I hope you are able to join the class. Feel free to pass on the info to others who may be interested.
In closing...May you find your calm center, your soul’s refuge. May you be well in body, mind, heart, and soul. May you be safe and protected. 

With Peace, Love, and Soulfulness,
Dr. Shelly Harrell  



An Intensive 6-Week ONLINE Class Series

Saturdays 9:00am-10:15am PST

May 23rd, May 30th, June 6th, June 13th, June 20th, and June 27th

This 6-session course is an introduction to mindfulness meditation that highlights its role for finding peace in troubled times. Mindfulness helps us move “from stressed out to energized within”. It is a strategy not only for self-care, but also for “soul-care”. Core teachings and strategies will be presented with emphasis on mindfulness as an inner refuge and path to mental and emotional liberation. Particular attention is given to the relevance of mindfulness for People of Color and oppression-related experience. Practicing mindfulness regularly can help us be more resilient, live better in our daily lives, as well as provide a grounding for the manifestation of our highest aspirations and purpose, both personally and collectively.


SESSION 1: “Becoming Woke to What is” – The Essence of Mindfulness

SESSION 2: “Focus and Flow” – Mindfulness of Breath and Body

SESSION 3: “Free Your Mind” (aka “Don’t Believe The Hype”) – Mindfulness of Thoughts

SESSION 4: “Feel What’s Real” PART 1 – Mindfulness of Emotions

SESSION 5: “Feel What’s Real” PART 2 – Mindfulness of Emotions (continued)

SESSION 6: “Soul Calling” – Mindfulness of Life

*While I STRONGLY recommend attending all sessions since they build upon each other and are intended as a series, you are welcome to come to the sessions individually as it fits your schedule.

REGISTRATION AND COST:Please email me to reserve your space:meditation@soulfulness4life.com. I will send you the link for the class and additional information.The class is “pay-what-you-can”.Please contribute what is comfortable for you. This includes a FREE OPTION at this time to make it accessible for people who could benefit but cannot afford to pay. Of course, any support towards the work of Soulfulness4Life would be appreciated. PayPal or Credit Card: paypal.me/soulfulness OR Venmo: @shellyharrellphd  OR Zelle: business@soulfulness4life.com

Be mindful. Be safe. Be well.