Wednesday Wisdom SoulQuote and Reflections: “Seeing the Good is an Act of Resistance”


Dr. Shelly’s SOULreflections
(Reflections that emerged from my SOULquote meditation) 

Sometimes I look around at this world and get flooded with outrage, deep sadness, a sense of hopelessness, and intense anger. Things are pretty f’d up. There are injustices and abuses that we must not ignore. I believe anger is an important emotion. It alerts us to pay attention to something that is not acceptable.  It directs us to attend to our wounds and larger damages. It can be a powerful fuel for action toward social justice and healing. 

However, like anything we cling to, if we hold on too tight to our anger then it actually blocks our freedom.  It can be limiting and constrict our view of the full picture of life.  If we are drenched and drowning in the storms of our anger and rage, then we are challenged to see the sun and the sky.  We cannot fully see the possibilities and path to healing, transformation, and liberation.  We must not let the conditions and effects of oppression block us from the sun.  Liberation requires opening our eyes FULLY and seeing clearly.  That means we see the dehumanization and devastation. But seeing fully also means that we see the good, the beauty, the gifts, and the blessings that are all around us.  We must not surrender our humanity and allow oppression to suck the life out of us, to blind us to the good in the world, in others, or in ourselves.

Seeing the good is an intentional act of resistance.  It is not naive, nor is it weakness.  Anger is not the only source of our power.   When we are blinded by rage, laid out from despair,  or lost in negativity, we are limited in our liberation.  We must not surrender the energizing and expansive power that comes from joy and love and beauty.  We must not let oppression steal our capacity to see, express, and believe in the good.  We must rejuvenate the aliveness within our souls.  Infusion of the good is part of the path to our personal and collective liberation.  This can be cultivated and nurtured through intentional practices.  So, see the good, put a spotlight on the good, express the good, believe in the good…and live your life in a way that helps others to see it, express it and believe in it too. 

Find the good. It’s all around you. Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it.

~Jesse Owens

(For Contemplation and Conversation)
What blocks or distorts your view of the good? (Consider both internal and external blocks/distortions.)

What goodness do you see (in the world, in others, in yourself)? 

“I will see and spotlight the good.”
(Close your eyes and repeat slowly and silently now.
Let the words penetrate your SOUL. Repeat this affirmation throughout the week.)

In Peace, Love, and Soulfulness, 
Dr. Shelly Harrell

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