Soulfulness is… (A Slideshow)

So what is soulfulness anyway? This slideshow presents the multiple dimensions of soulfulness.  Here’s the emerging definition:

The core of soulfulness is connecting deeply, meaningfully, and authentically with yourself, others and the world around you.  Soulfulness is an enlivened inner attunement that illuminates lived experience and radiates authentically into outer expression. It is a soulful aliveness– a deeply felt, interconnected, life-affirming aliveness that reflects congruence, experiential wisdom, and truths of our shared humanity. Soulfulness is often experienced as a resonating, liberating, life-enhancing, spiritually-infused energy of deep connectivity and inspired expression. Soulfulness is about contact with the deepest essence of your being and listening to its authentic truths from which healing, transformation, growth, and fulfillment of your highest potentialities manifest and take form in your life.



Soulfulness is an orientation to meditation and other contemplative practices (like journaling, creative expression, conscious movement, communing with nature, etc.) that centers contact with “soul”, listening to the stirrings and callings of soul, the whisperings of your inner voice of truth and wisdom, and being “energized within” in order to facilitate living fully, deeply, and authentically.

Soulfulness is more formally defined as “the quality of experiencing life in a deeply connected and connecting way, an enlivened inner attunement that illuminates authentic lived experience and radiates into outer expression”.  


The Soulfulness approach to meditation is fundamentally about intrapersonal, interpersonal, and collective emancipation. As a liberated and liberating process, soulfulness meditation involves healing soul wounds and restoring soul connection; discerning truth from the lies of internalized oppression, illusions of the ego, and the stories of the mind; cultivating resilience; nurturing our capacity to feel deeply, connect meaningfully and live authentically; and, ultimately, to rise to our highest potentialities individually, relationally, and communally.

Through contacting, illuminating, and listening to soul-level experiencing, soulfulness meditation cultivates deep multidimensional connectedness to body-mind-heart-soul, other living beings, ancestors, community, humanity, nature, and Spirit.

Soulfulness4Life Programs focus on:

Listening to Your SOUL
(where you deeply know and feel truth)

Connecting to Your BODY
(to its wisdom and resources for restoration and reconnection)

Freeing Your MIND
(emancipation from mental-emotional bondage and disconnection)

Opening Your HEART
(to the power of real love, relatedness, and community)


Manifesting Your SPIRIT
(the transcendent and inspired energy to actualize your highest self)

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