TESTIMONIALS: Dr. Shelly Harrell and Soulfulness4Life Services

From Meditation Classes and Retreats: 

I never thought that meditation was “for me” so to speak. After attending a workshop guided by Dr. Harrell, I know that it *must* be my daily practice. This morning, I put her techniques into practice and had a really important breakthrough, mentally and emotionally. Mental health is so important and necessary, and I think it’s great that this practice is available in Inglewood. Go.  -Alexia L.

Shelly has created the most unique meditation space I’ve ever been in! -Kelley B.

I’ve never meditated so deeply or successfully! -Chandler P.

A great introduction to mindfulness for those who struggle to connect, as well as those who are more advanced. -Class Participant,  August 20, 2018

Dr. Harrell taps into all aspects of mindfulness to find what works for me.  She brought out my energy by finding my center. -Oliver

Dr. Harrell was such a warm, nurturing, informational, and inviting woman. I totally enjoyed my weekend with her and will reinforce her shared knowledge. -Debbie Y.

This introduction to meditation showed me that taking time for myself to breathe and focus and expand my mind is a necessary tool for conquering the challenges and changes I face in my daily life. -Class Participant, August 20, 2018

Insightful learning experience with Dr. Harrell. -Randy and Gail H.

Excellent facilitating of couples’ mindfulness. -Gail and Lewis W.

I have already started using the activity suggestions by not analyzing everything and really, really, listening.  Being more calm and understanding from the other’s perspective. Thank you. This was fantastic!!! -Pat B.

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