Soulfulness is… (A Slideshow)

This slideshow gives you an idea of the multiple aspects of Soulfulness.  Here’s a more formal definition that is emerging:

The core of soulfulness is connecting deeply, meaningfully, and authentically with yourself, others and the world around you.  It is about experiencing and expressing the fullness of life in a profoundly connected and connecting way. Soulfulness is an enlivened inner attunement that illuminates lived experience and radiates authentically into outer expression. It is a soulful aliveness– a deeply felt, interconnected, life-affirming aliveness that reflects congruence, experiential wisdom, and truths of our shared humanity. Soulfulness is often experienced as a resonating, liberating, life-enhancing, spiritually-infused energy of deep connectivity and inspired expression. Soulfulness involves being in ongoing contact with the depths of your being and listening to its authentic truths from which healing, transformation, growth, and fulfillment of your highest potentialities manifest and take form in your life.


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