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    I’m Dr. Shelly Harrell and I offer MEDITATION, STRESS MANAGEMENT, RESILIENCE, AND LIBERATION-ORIENTED RESOURCES.  I invite you to explore the site to see what Soulfulness4Life offers.  Please join our email list for weekly inspiration and to stay updated on our programs, resources, and developments. Stay Soulful!

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Practices and Programs for MEDITATION

*Informed by SCIENCE*
*Inspired by SPIRIT*
*Infused With SOUL* 


Your Soulfulness is a Reservoir
to which you can always return to engage your life
more fully, more purposefully, and more authentically. 

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Testimonials about Dr. Shelly Harrell and Soulfulness4Life Services

From Meditation Classes and Retreats

I never thought that meditation was “for me” so to speak. After attending a workshop guided by Dr. Harrell, I know that it *must* be my daily practice. This morning, I put her techniques into practice and had a really important breakthrough, mentally and emotionally. Mental health is so important and necessary, and I think it’s great that this practice is available in Inglewood. Go.  -Alexia L.

Shelly has created the most unique meditation space I’ve ever been in! -Kelley B.


I’ve never meditated so deeply or successfully! -Chandler P.

A great introduction to mindfulness for those who struggle to connect, as well as those who are more advanced. -Class Participant 

Dr. Harrell taps into all aspects of mindfulness to find what works for me.  She brought out my energy by finding my center. -Oliver 

Dr. Harrell was such a warm, nurturing, informational, and inviting woman. I totally enjoyed my weekend with her and will reinforce her shared knowledge. -Debbie Y.

This introduction to meditation showed me that taking time for myself to breathe and focus and expand my mind is a necessary tool for conquering the challenges and changes I face in my daily life. -Class Participant

Insightful learning experience with Dr. Harrell. -Randy and Gail H.

Excellent facilitating of couples’ mindfulness. -Gail and Lewis W.

I have already started using the activity suggestions by not analyzing everything and really, really, listening.  Being more calm and understanding from the other’s perspective. Thank you. This was fantastic!!! -Pat B.

Dr. Shelly P. Harrell
Founding Owner/Director

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Please join our email list for updates and inspiration!


Welcome to the SOULvolution! I would like to personally invite you to join me on a journey to live MORE…more fully alive, more connected, and more meaningfully– a life infused with Soulfulness”.  

Soulfulness is all about making contact with the personal and collective truths that live and move within us, between us, and all around us. It is the courage to #feelwhatsreal and liberate oneself to creatively, powerfully, and meaningfully manifest and express it. 

Soulfulness4Life is the newest and most personal venture of my career.  It is a culmination and integration of everything I’ve learned and everything I am. I want to share my passion for living soulfully with you as I have observed it to be a missing or underdeveloped ingredient in the lives of many people. 

Soulfulness was born from the union of my Detroit born-and-raised African American cultural sensibilities and my 30+ year career as a psychologist-therapist-professor. It has emerged out of the influence of my ancestors known and unknown, the creative and colorful people in my family and community, my educational and professional pursuits, and the adventures of my own personal life journey. Present always and threaded through everything in my life has been music, dance, social justice, love, passion, and Spirit. 

Soulfulness integrates all of this and locates itself under the umbrella of contemplative practices (a diverse set of consciousness, communal, and empowerment strategies for deepening and expanding experiential and critical awareness by bearing witness to one’s own experience, both internally and in the world). Soulfulness takes us into the depths of our being and to the heights of our human potential. Soulfulness is life-affirming and life-enhancing. And soulfulness is always about CONNECTION– living our lives in a deeply connected and connecting way.  Living with soulfulness means cultivating, honoring, manifesting, and celebrating the wholeness, complexity, beauty and truth of who we are.  Soulfulness builds upon my earlier “Focus and Flow” approach and is in the service of healing, wellness, empowerment, and optimal, successful living. Soulfulness moves us from being “stressed out to energized within”.

Soulfulness4Life is dedicated to awakening, nurturing, illuminating and liberating soulfulness. I am committed to bringing soulfulness to you, to share with as many people as I can what I have experienced and what I have witnessed through the gifts of clients, students, colleagues, friends, and family who have bared and shared their souls with me, allowing me to walk closely with them during some of the most vulnerable times of their lives.  I also want to share the lessons, successes, joys, and wisdom born of my own triumphs and struggles. All of this has resulted in my being 100% convinced that soulfulness is the essence of what heals us, uplifts us, connects us, and transforms us. And it may be that it is soulfulness that will heal and transform our world.  

Soulfully Yours,
Dr. Shelly P. Harrell 
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